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Sales Velocity Diagnostic: Uncover Insights to Unlock Revenue

Discover your sales velocity benchmarks, trends, blindspots and trajectory in order to simulate your path towards revenue growth and retention.

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The winning companies implement a
data-driven sales enablement strategy

Uncover unparalleled sales insights with our one-of-a-kind Sales Velocity Diagnostic. Using proprietary techniques, we'll deliver a comprehensive analysis of your sales velocity benchmarks, trends, blindspots, and simulations. Our insights and recommendations will empower you to define targeted enablement strategies that deliver measurable ROI.

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Using your anonymised CRM data, we will benchmark your current sales velocity

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We will analyse the trends and deliver actionable insights into your revenue stream

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We will uncover the blindspots and bottlenecks, whether they are regional, team based, or individual

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Based on your desired outcomes, we will simulate your sales velocity and outline the gaps 

How it works



We'll engage in an initial discovery call to understand your business, your insights and your objectives



We'll request an anonymised CRM export of your opportunity data in a specific format



We will analyse and churn your data and calculate your benchmarks, trends, blindspots and simulate the scenario that achieves your objective



We will deliver a comprehensive report on your sales velocity diagnostic, providing you with insight and recommendations

Built on a solid foundation of expertise and experience, you will be empowered to understand the gaps across the levers of sales velocity and how to address them in order to deliver ROI.

This comprehensive approach goes beyond simply providing data or standard information delivered by forecasting platforms. Our team of experts will work closely with you to deeply understand your business needs, meticulously analyse your sales velocity data, and provide valuable insights on trends, trajectories, scenario simulations and comprehensive reporting.


With our customised approach, you'll have the information to define targeted strategies that achieve your revenue goals.


We believe in transparent pricing.

So our calculator will provide a fixed price for the Sales Velocity Diagnostic.

Business impact starts with a diagnostic of your data

Our clients experience a substantial impact to sales velocity within two quarters.

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