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Unlock Your Future with the Strategic Enablement Blueprint

Master the art of proving revenue impact and ROI and elevate Your enablement career. Join the waitlist to secure exclusive discounts and access upon launch. 

Launching September 2024.

Strategic Enablement Blueprint

Lifetime Access

A course by Kunal Pandya

23 Self-Paced
6 Hours Bite-Sized Content
1:1 Coaching Session
Learner Community
Exclusive Certification

The Path To Revenue Impact

Proving revenue impact and ROI on enablement is the toughest challenge we face today. If we are unable to demonstrate evidence of revenue impact, VP-level positions will remain scarce, we won't have a seat at the revenue top table, compensation will remain static, career progression is slow, and enablement will struggle for investment, while increasing the risk to job security in an uncertain economy.  This is why we're prelaunching The Strategic Enablement Blueprint: a comprehensive eLearning course designed to help sales and revenue enablement professionals prove revenue impact and ROI on their enablement programs.


Get out of reactive enablement


Deliver strategic business value


Enhance and differentiate your profile


Elevate your career


Increase your compensation


Justify further investment into enablement


Increase job security

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About Your Trainer

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I'm Kunal Pandya, the founder and CEO of Sales Velocity Labs, With over 16 years experience as a revenue enablement leader at both pre and post-IPO high-growth companies like SuccessFactors, SAP, Taulia, HighRadius, UserZoom, and Corsearch, I've seen firsthand the challenges of enablement being sidelined, underfunded or cut due to a lack of perceived revenue impact from executives.

However, my approach to enablement ROI has gained recognition and sparked conversations within the enablement and sales community. Engaging with revenue leaders, C-suite executives, and investors, I've demonstrated the significant impact of strategic enablement.


Recognizing that this knowledge and method can't be condensed into a webinar, LinkedIn post or document, I've developed the Strategic Enablement Blueprint course to give you step-by-step guidance, knowledge, and resources to replicate our methodology, drive business impact, and advance your career. I'm now excited to make this blueprint available to you.

What You'll Learn Inside This Course


Why Prove Revenue Impact?

Learn about the common perceptions of enablement, its history and why enablement is perceived as a cost center.


Introducing the Strategic Enablement Blueprint

Understand the key components of the blueprint, how its used to define strategic priorities, and measure outcomes.


Sales Execution Activities

Understand the key sales execution activities that drive the levers of sales velocity.


Enablement as a Strategic Business Driver

Understand the key traits of a strategic enablement function, including the characteristics and functional pillars.


The Revenue Gap

Learn how to calculate and align enablement programs to the revenue gap, and use it as the anchor to your strategy.


Defining Leading Indicators

Learn how to define the cornerstone of your blueprint: the leading indicators. From competencies to adoption metrics.


The Sales Enablement Metrics Conundrum

Understand why the utilization of traditional sales enablement metrics are prone to failure.


Sales Velocity Equation

Understand the sales velocity equation, how to obtain the data, how to simulate it and use it to drive your strategic priorities.



Obtain the skills and tools to scorecard your strategy from definition, to measuring and communicating revenue impact.

Obtain A Career Boosting Certification

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Completion Certificate PDF

You'll receive quite a stylish course completion PDF certificate.


Digital Certificate Proof Link

Use a certificate permanent link that proves you have completed the course. 


Embeddable HTML Badge

You'll get a digital HTML badge that you can embed on your website or blog.


LinkedIn Certificate
Add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile to showcase your achievements to your network.

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Questions You Might Be Asking

  • What is the Strategic Enablement Blueprint course?
    The Strategic Enablement Blueprint is a comprehensive eLearning course designed to help sales and revenue enablement professionals prove revenue impact and ROI on their enablement programs. This course is uniquely positioned to support career progression to senior positions, which brings an increase in compensation as well as increased job security. From a business perspective, it enhances ROI on enablement, deliverable tangible value.
  • Why did you build this course?
    We're tired of seeing enablement sidelined or underfunded because executives fail to recognize its value or understand its potential. However, our approach to enablement ROI has garnered praise and opened eyes across the enablement community. We're engaging in discussions about enablement impact not only with revenue leaders but also with C-suite executives and investors. This success isn't accidental. We've realized that our knowledge and methods can't be condensed into a single webinar or document. That's why we created the Strategic Enablement Blueprint course. It offers step-by-step guidance, knowledge, and resources to help you replicate our methodology, drive significant business impact, advance your career, and set yourself apart.
  • Who is this course for?
    This course is for all sales and revenue enablement professionals, whether you are just entering the field or are a seasoned leader.
  • What are the main benefits of this course?
    As an enablement professional, the key benefits include: Transitioning from reactive to strategic enablement to avoid being seen as a cost center. Developing strategies and programs that align with revenue goals. Securing support from revenue leaders, front-line managers, and executives. Justifying investments in the enablement function, including team expansion, outsourcing, and technology acquisition. Communicating outcomes, revenue impact, and ROI effectively to stakeholders. Being recognized as a strategic business driver rather than a support function. Enhancing your reputation and advancing your career, potentially securing VP-level positions. Increasing compensation and job security, especially in uncertain economic times. Standing out in a competitive job market. For a business, the main benefits are: Gaining visibility into revenue-driving enablement strategies and programs. Understanding the ROI of enablement to justify further investments. Driving revenue growth to meet business targets.
  • What topics are covered in the course?
    The course covers a wide range of topics including data science, strategic execution, and the art of communication. It provides a step-by-step guide to proving revenue impact and ROI in enablement. The complete course curriculum will be published very soon. Sign up to the waiting list hear about it first!
  • How is the course structured?
    The course is structured into 13 modules and 23 lessons, with over 6 hours of video content delivered in bitesized chunks. The course includes the tools, guides and templates to help you build your own strategic enablement blueprint. This is a self-paced course consisting primarily of bite-sized video learning delivered by Kunal Pandya. There will be knowledge reenforcement quizzes along the way, practical assignments to practice the lessons, and access to a community of learners to share knowledge, ask questions and collaborate with. Finally, you will have a 1:1 coaching session with Kunal Pandya to pose any questions and go deeper into any of the topics. He loves to be challenged!
  • What kind of support will I receive during the course?
    You will receive a 1:1 coaching session with Kunal Pandya, access to a community of learners to engage and collaborate with, as well as various tools, guides, and templates to support your learning journey.
  • How do I sign up for the course?
    You can register your interest for the course by joining the waiting list. You will then be among the first to hear about course information, published curriculum and discounts. And yes, you will be amongst the first to gain access to the course. The first 10 to sign up secure a 30% discount. Remember, by signing up to the waiting list, there is nothing to pay and no commitment to buy - you are simply registering your interest.
  • How much does the course cost?
    Lifetime access to the course costs $399 USD. This includes more than 6 hours of bite-sized video learning within 13 modules, 23 lessons, access to tools, downloadable resources and templates and a community of learners to support your learning journey, as well as a 1:1 coaching session with Kunal Pandya. For many businesses, the value delivered through the course could be measured in millions. And for learners, the impact to your career and compensation can be significant. For lucky learners, we will be sending you some #ROIWarrior swag!
  • How do I get a discount?
    Early adopters The first 10 sign-ups will receive a 30% discount upon launch. Enablement Job Seekers For prelaunch, we're giving enablers with their LinkedIn profile is set to 'Looking for Work' a 50% discount. If you are a job seeker, check the box on the sign-up form to secure this discount. More Discounts! An additional 10% discount can be earned simply by commenting #ROIWarrior on our pre-launch LinkedIn post from June 10th 2024. By combining all of these discount methods, you could be lucky enough to gain access to the course with a 90% discount!
  • Will there be a money back guarantee?
    Absolutely. We're confident the course can help you to transform your career, so we will offer you a risk-free purchase. The specifics of the money back guarantee will be provided upon launch of the course in September 2024.
  • When does the course launch?
    The course is set to launch in September 2024.
  • Will I receive a certificate upon completion?
    Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an exclusive certificate that will enhance your profile. You will be able to post this certificate to your LinkedIn profile, and you will receive a unique URL as proof of certification to demonstrate your competency.
  • I still have more questions
    Great! Drop us a line or hit the chat button, and we'll be happy to answer.


The course is launching in September 2024 and the level of interest so far has been phenomenal. The first 10 sign ups will receive a 30% discount on the course. If you are an enablement job seeker, check the box below for a 50% discount (This will be validated with your LinkedIn profile).

Stay ahead of the game, differentiate your profile, sign up today. 

By signing up, you are simply registering your interest for the course. There is nothing to pay and no commitment to buy.

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