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Video: How to measure the ROI of your sales enablement function

Measuring sales enablement ROI has been one of the core challenges of the enablement profession over the years.

The challenge of attributing revenue impact to enablement's efforts, and the risk of damaging credibility has veered enablers away from it. However, it can be done.

As part of the Enablement Evolved episode series, our founder and CEO @Kunal Pandya discussed this with Keiran Smith and Hector Forwood.

They delved into:

▶️ The fact that a strategic enablement function is an ROI-centric enablement function

▶️ The challenges and risks of using revenue metrics with business executives

▶️ Overview of the Sales Velocity Equation

▶️ Correlating leading indicators to lagging indicators

▶️ Using our Sales Velocity Simulator™️ to drive ROI on enablement

Watch the bite-sized video:


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