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Podcast: Enablement’s Business Impact With Kunal Pandya | Interview with GOFFWD

In the aftermath of widespread job cuts within the technology industry, the business implications of enablement have become a prominent topic of discussion. To shed light on this matter, I spoke with Felix Kruger, founder and CEO of FFWD.

During our conversation, we delved into the common reasons for enablement layoffs, the distinctions between operational and strategic enablement, and the key metrics that enablers should prioritise to avoid the Chief Revenue Officer's apathy.

Our discussion encompassed several critical questions, including the underlying rationale for the recent enablement layoffs, the contrasting features of operational and strategic enablement, and the performance metrics that strategic enablement teams use as their guiding principles. Additionally, we explored the immediate actions that enablers can take to enhance their business impact, as well as the skill sets they should strive to develop over the long term.

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