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The Rise of Enablement

In the midst of recent global economic challenges, we find ourselves contemplating the rise of enablement. Why is it necessary? Where are we coming from, and where are we headed?

Over the past 12 to 18 months, enablement has taken a hit due to global economic factors affecting businesses worldwide. Unfortunately, this has resulted in layoffs within our enablement community. Even some of the most talented and experienced professionals I've had the privilege to meet have been affected.

Now, the crucial question arises: How can we address this issue and bring enablement back to its rightful place? What is that place, you might ask? It's time to challenge the prevailing notion that enablement is merely a supporting function or a cost center.

Enablement holds immense potential beyond its current perception. It has the power to revolutionise the sales arena and drive business growth. It's time we shed light on the true value of enablement and highlight the pivotal role it plays in achieving organisational success.

By redefining and elevating its position, we can unlock its full potential and unleash a new wave of effectiveness and impact.

Check out the portion of Kunal Pandya's keynote that focused on the #RiseOfEnablement:

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