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Video: The tools to support the measurement and visibility of sales velocity

It's very easy to talk about the revenue impact of sales enablement.

It gets a little tricky when actually implementing a framework to deliver and measure that impact. However, there are tools and platforms that can support the process.

As part of the Enablement Evolved episode series, our founder and CEO Kunal Pandya discussed this with Keiran Smith and Hector Forwood.

They delved into:

▶️ Using sales velocity trends to align enablement with business strategy

▶️ The key platforms that can be used to support the measurement, analysis and impact assessment process (special mention for @Kluster, @Ebsta and @Clari)

▶️ Drilling down into data to understand the bottlenecks

▶️ Using competencies and behaviours as a connective layer between your enablement strategy and sales velocity (special mention for @E4Enable)

Watch the 6min video:

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