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Video: The challenges sales enablement face when proving business impact

According to a recent Sales Enablement Pro report, a whopping 41% of enablers are not confident in their ability to prove business impact to leadership and executives.

Now, that's a pretty shocking number on its own. But the truth is, it's probably even higher than that. There's a difference between feeling confident in your ability to prove business impact, and actually getting that message to sink in with executives so they act on it.

As part of the Enablement Evolved episode series, our founder and CEO @Kunal Pandya discussed this with Keiran Smith and Hector Forwood.

They delved into:

▶️ The challenges of traditional sales enablement metrics

▶️ Speaking the language of the c-suite

▶️ Data-driven sales enablement functions are 230% more likely to exceed executive expectations

▶️ How to overcome the challenges

Watch the bite-sized video:


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